If I create an model.engine, how can I know the precision, int8, float16?


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how can I check the precision of a model.engine with python? I want to check the precision(int8, float16 or float32) of the created model.engine to confirm that the precision is what I need.

You can check the precision TRT uses in verbose logs by searching for “Engine Layer Information”.

thanks for your reply.
could you please illustrate more concrete?
Such as the attachment, what’s the precision of the end2end.engine model? And how do you get the precision?
If there is code that you check the model precision provided, it would be excellent.

end2end.engine (69.5 MB)

We can check each layer’s precision using the IEngineInspector APIs:

But we need to first enable kDETAILED ProfilingVerbosity when building the engine.