iGX Orin BMC Default Password Not working

Hi, I just purchased a iGX Orin kit from Advantech, and trying to upgrade the OS following: Installing IGX-Software - NVIDIA Docs

I was able to ping after connecting the host to Ethernet port 5.

Using ssh root@ with password 0penBmc does not grant me access.

Is there way to force reset the BMC without getting into the BMC shell?


Hi art.jiang,

Are you using our official devkit or custom carrier board from Advantech(MIC-735)?

Do you modify the password for BMC before?
Is there any error showing?

Could you try if you can login with WebUI?
BMC Web User Interface Features - NVIDIA Docs

For BMC firmware update, you can refer to BMC Firmware Update - NVIDIA Docs

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for the quick response.

It was a custom carrier board MIC-735M-IO. It is fresh out of box and we didn’t modify the password for BMC.

And there is no error message or “Default password is 0penBmc” shown, as indicated on the doc.

I am able to access the web user interface but not able to log in.

Thanks agin

Maybe you can ask the vendor for the default password for their custom board.

Please also try BMC Firmware Update


For anyone who might find this useful: Default password for BMC on Advantech is @Bmc8888

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