Image preprocessing with and cuda nvidia npp throught gstreamer

There it is indicated the ability to insert your own dynamic library, formed in a special way according to api. The sources api says that I can write my own function for processing in cuda.

The first question is, can I use the nvidia npp library in ‘customer-lib-name = “”’, would that be good practice?

Second question - How at a low level can the preprocessing results obtained with “” be transferred to the buffer (input) of TensorRT?

You can use Cuda in the custom library. I.e. with the use of the following wrappers function
You can overlay text (see cuda/cudaFont) on images by Cuda


NPP is integrated into the CUDA library.
So you can use it as a general CUDA function.

You might also be interested in our Deepstream SDK.
The library uses the GStreamer interface and includes the preprocessing and TensorRT inference implementation.


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