Implementation of DetectNet for object detection in TensorRT

I have a detectnet_v2 model trained in TLT.
I have already converted to TensorRT Int8 engine using tlt-export.

Now is to test the engine for object detection using TensorRT.
I can’t find c++ sample for DetectNet object detection inside the opensource folder. Most of them are for FasterRCNN, MaskRCNN, SSD and Classification. I can’t find for DetectNet object detection sample in C++.
Where can I have C++ object detection sample for DetectNet?

Please refer to below samples in case it helps:


Thanks I am using that now. This is the only sample found for detectnet_v2 for TRT. Thanks for sharing.

Did you solve this problem.I just face the same problem like you.
What should i do to deploy the trafficnet(detectnet_v2) on tensorRT.