Import error.Module not found error cv2.No module named cv2.Cant install open cv

Hello.I cant install open-cv in python 3.6.I need to import cv2, but i have module not found error: no module named cv2.Sudo apt-get install python-opencv and sudo apt-get install python3-opencv didnt help.
pip install opencv-python command dint help too:
Building wheel for opencv-python runs forever.

How can i fix it and import cv2?Maybe i can install specific version of open cv for python 3.6?
Because ,in my point of view, problem in python 3.6.Because, I installed open-cv in new venv with python 3.7.1 without any problems by: pip install opencv-python.Building wheels infinite for python 3.6 only.

even imhaving this error . Not sure about solution. Please reply if u get one:(

I probably have solution for you, but not for me.
You can create anaconda env with python version 3.7.1 and activate it.
Further follow the steps:

  1. pip install --upgrade pip
  2. pip install jupyterlab
    3.pip install opencv-python
    import cv2

But i also need pytorch,so i cant use that instruction, because there is no pytorch for python 3.7.1.
Do you know how to create anaconda env?

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Actually im not able to install opencv in Pycharm community edition. My projects require pycharm only to develop. Anyways thanks for your reply:)

I found specific version of opencv and installed it [python3 -m pip install opencv-python== --verbose].Now i have all necessry components to execute my programm on GPU.

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