Import GeniusVideoSourceOp in holoscan

I was using GeniusVideoSourceOp in holoscan version 0.5.1. I mapped the genius-holohub directory to holoscan container and imported GeniusVideoSourceOp from genius-holohub/build/python/lib/holohub/genius_video_source. It worked fine. Now I moved to holoscan version 1.0.3 and want to do the same thing but it isn’t working. I got the files for genius video operators put them in the following manner.
videogenius.hpp and vg_enums.hpp → /opt/videogenius/include/ → /usr/lib/
genius_video_overlay.cpp and genius_video_source.cpp → genius-holohub/gxf_extensions/genius_video/

but it isn’t working now and thros error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘holohub.genius_video_source._genius_video_source’.
Please help.

Hi there, not finding the module for the custom operator might be due to PYTHONPATH not including where the library resides. For example, we need to export PYTHONPATH when running certain HoloHub apps: holohub/applications/endoscopy_tool_tracking/python at main · nvidia-holoscan/holohub · GitHub. We’d suggest looking into your PYTHONPATH for this issue. Please let us know how it goes!