Impossibility of flashing xavier nx on jnx30D


I read your whole log again and there are something which should not happen. However, that happened.

  1. Your rootfs is ubuntu18.04. Based on this, I think you use rel-32 image.

  2. But your kernel log indicates your kernel is k5.10. This is kernel from our rel-35 image…

You mix up these two together. Which seem causing some driver missing. I am not sure you did that on purpose or you just didn’t know about it.

For example, if you have a nvme on the device, please remove it because the boot order will boot from nvme first…

Also, please try to tell me what is the exact jetpack version that you think you are using… or which one do you want to use… I feel your flash is totally messed up …

hi, thank you for the informations.
the auvidea team sent me these steps:

“The 16GB NX is not supported by NVIDIA for flashing, this only works with the additional patch that you have to install in your Linux_for_Tegra directory:
– Download the Jetpack 4.6(rev 3) via the NVidia SDK Manager
– Copy the patch for the 16GB NX to the Linux_for_Tegra directory of the Jetpack
– Uncompress the kernel_out.tar.bz2 from this package and copy the content to the Linux_for_Tegra directory of the Jetpack
– Execute: sudo ./
– Connect the Jetson Evaluation System via the micro-usb
– Execute: sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1”

i can try to download again the correct jetpack on my ubuntu. for a clean download is it sufficient to delete the already downloaded packages or are there some files that are hiddenly written on ubuntu?

i have a 128 GB SSD on my board, should i remove it?

Yes, I guess your nvme has some jetpack5.0.2 image inside of it… please remove it and let the device boot again.

ok, i have physically removed the ssd and now the GUI is started correctly without any problem.
in order to use the additional ssd is it possible to change the boot order and the format the ssd?
thank you very much for your informations


You need to follow the method here to boot from nvme.

but in this case if i use an ssd i need to boot from it? can’t i use the boot from emmc and the ssd only to storage data?

Oh ok. If you just want to use it as storage. Need to follow this method to change the boot order.

→ change the boot order in cbo.dts, rebuild it and then flash it to the board.

ok, thanks. now i’m evaluating if i need more space to install the packages, needing the use of ssd(in this case i’ll proceed with the procedure to boot from nvme), or if 16 gb are sufficient.
thank you very much for your help.