In nvidia-setting :


When I change the brightness in nvidia-setting> “X server color correction.” The change applies only on the screens of the first graphics card. It is nothing going on other screens.

My system :

  • Serveur linux ubuntu 14.04.1
  • Driver nvidia : nvidia-355.06 (same problem with : nvidia-340.65 and nvidia-346.87)
  • 2 Cards : Quadro K2200 (PNY) (same problem with : One Quadro K2200 / One Quadro K4200)
  • xorg.conf generated by nvidia-xconfig :
    sudo nvidia-xconfig --force-generate --xinerama --nvidia-xinerama-info --separate-x-screens --enable-all-gpus --preserve-driver-name --no-composite


    sudo nvidia-xconfig --force-generate --xinerama --nvidia-xinerama-info --no-separate-x-screens --enable-all-gpus --preserve-driver-name --no-composite

Does anyone has the same problem?

If you need more informations, please contact me.
Best Regards

Up please

Nvidia ? Moderator ? Help me please…

Even if no one has the solution : Is someone can confirm that it has the same problem.

Thank you

What is your desktop environment?

My desktop environment : xfce4