X Server Color Correction sliders broken


I’m using NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-384.90 driver with MSI geforce 1050.

Since updating from 340 series, nvidia-settings has a bug:

In X Server Color Correction there are 3 sliders - Brightness, Contrast, Gamma. Brightness and Contrast can only be set to -1, 0, and 1. You can’t choose any intermediate values by dragging the slider with a mouse. I usually set my brightness to -0.50, but I can’t do it with the slider anymore.
Perhaps this has something to do with GTK+3 (I think the old nvidia-settings used GTK+2).

Note that I think XRANDR has to be disabled for this tab to appear. I have it disabled because I need panning and KDE doesn’t support it with XRANDR, only with Xinerama.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (119 KB)