"Nvidia X server settings" (linux) missing colour space AKA format options compared to windows, & no button to save settings

After a month of diagnostics and back & forth with my motherboard manufacturer, I’ve finally managed to get my GeForce 1080 Ti to output full res & refresh rate to my secondary monitor (LG TV) via HDMI, in windows. Yay! The solution was basically to try every possible combination of resolution settings until 3840216060hz worked:


Firstly this was weird insofar as initially I didn’t have the option for YCbCr420, only RGB and YCbCr444 & YCbCr422 (IIRC). Only once I changed from 30 to 60Hz did the 420 option appear. Again IIRC, but essentially not all options were available initially, even though the program doesn’t know whether any of them will work until the user tries them, so why would any of them not be present?

Secondly, main issue: this isn’t possible in Linux because:


  1. You can’t change the refresh rate here, you have to do it in a different place (which is conceptually fine but a bit annoying)

  2. Only RGB & 444 are available, no 422 nor 420 (which is proven to work with my setup in windows)

  3. Even if 420 WAS present, there’s no apply/save button on this screen, it’s missing, potentially by complete accident.

Because of this I can’t use my 2nd monitor to the full capabilities of the monitor/GPU/HDMI cable/OS.

Hopefully useful info here:


IDK why it says “screens 1” while currently outputting to two screens…

Thanks for any advice. I presume me having the latest (mainline/ubuntu PPA) driver version means I have the latest settings program version?


The settings are automatically saved to ~/.nvidia-settings-rc once you quit nvidia-settings.

Not saying you’re wrong, but then why have “Apply” on other screens? And also notify in the bottom bar that settings have been changed, and warn the user when they quit that their settings have changed and aren’t going to be saved?

Actually, nvidia-settings is open source, you can open an issue or provide patches here:

They refers to Xorg settings.
But you’re right, that’s not really obvious.

Cheers for the replies both. Opened this issue in the NVIDIA github.