In the L4T JetPack 4.2.2 version, some 3gp,asp, mpg files that could be played in L4T JetPack 3.2 ca...

We use the “nvgstplayer-1.0 -i Filename” command on the Jetpack 4.2.1 version to playback a 3gp image file with h263 vedio type, but there is only the sound and no image. And this happens on several other asf, mpg files. This is normally executable on the Jetpack 3.2 version, so please ask if there is any changes?

Please attach a video file and command so that we can reproduce the issue.

Ok, this is the file, unzip it and play it with the command : nvgstplayer-1.0 -i bbb_full.ffmpeg.176x144.3gp.h263_56kbps_12fps.libfaac_mono_24kbps_11025Hz.3gp
bbb_full.ffmpeg.176x144.3gp.h263_56kbps_12fps.libfaac_mono_24kbps_11025Hz.rar (5.55 MB)

176x144 is very small resolution. So the issue is only present in small resolution?

No,this is to reduce the size of the file to uploading, so put a small file, the same under high resolution.
This is another file have the same issue.->

Please apply attachment to source of nvgstplayer-1.0 and rebuild the application.

Source packages are in (1.09 KB)