Indexer hanging


I recently updated to CUDA 5 and decided to give nsight eclipse a try.

I execute nsight and eclipse opens. Then, I imported a basic C++ project as an existing Makefile project. Everything imports correctly, and things get indexed, except for one header file which is in an obscure place.

So I added the obscure include directotry that has the header file by going project’s Properties->Paths and Symbols->Includes.

After I add the external header file I reindex the project, for some reason the project will not index. It is as if the indexer is hanging.

Also, the code is C++ (nothing fancy… the test doesn’t even use any CUDA)

edit edit:

I do have Eclipse Juno installed and it works with all of my CUDA/non-CUDA projects. Is there any way to add the nvidia profiler/debugger into that version of eclipse as a plugin?

Please note that Nsight Eclipse Edition 5.0 is based on Eclipse Indigo (Eclipse 3.7).

Please check a log file located in .metadata/.log in your Nsight workspace (~/cuda-workspace by default). It may contain more information that would help us resolve this issue.

You can also try rebuilding the project index - open “C/C++ Index” view, right-click the project and select Index/Rebuild. Can you send us the header file that you believe is causing the indexer to fail to

It is not possible to install debugger and profile into existing Eclipse-based products. Nsight Eclipse Edition uses modified versions of the core Eclipse components that may cause incompatibilities with other products. Please note that Visual Profiler is also available as a standalone product. You can start it by typing “nvvp” from the command line.