NSight Eclipse Ed. Doesn't re-index project when external headers change

I have a g++ project (GNU toolchain) and an NVCC project (NVIDIA toolchain). The g++ project frequently loses track of changes that occur to the header files in the nvcc project. I’ll right click the project and choose index->rebuild headers but it still doesn’t work. It will compile fine but the IDE still hilights regions in red that it thinks have errors.

How do I force the IDE to clear whatever cache it’s maintaining of the header files it references?

update: I came here to write this post, when I finished and looked over the red hilights were gone. It’s as though it was rebuilding the index in the background but there was no indication from the IDE it was doing so. I guess that’s an eclipse thing.

I’ve experienced this as well. If you learn any additional info that’s helpful please post it as well.

Unfortunately, it is a known issue that Nsight EE shows false-positive errors while the index is rebuilding. We are hoping to address this in one of future Nsight releases.