Dark Color Theme in Linux

Color scheme doesn’t fit very well with dark themes in Ubuntu (some regions of the IDE are white with white characters, content is “invisible”)
Is there any way to change it?

Thank you.

PS. It is the first time I use Eclipse. I have looked for “Market Place” plugin and “Eclipse Color Themes” plugin, but I was not able to install them (I did it in plain Eclipse but I couldn’t in NSight version) :-?

Can you attach a screenshot with invalid colors? Unfortunately, Eclipse (and Nsight) is known to have some issue with Ubuntu theme as Ubuntu does not always provide proper colors when ask for system colors.

You should be able to install any plug-in from Eclipse marketplace provided it is for compatible Eclipse version. Nsight EE 5.0 is based on Eclipse Platform 3.7.2 (aka Indigo SR2).

You can install Eclipse plugins from the marketplace in one of the following ways:

  • By installing from the update site:
    1. Click "Update site" button (green arrow down) in the top-right corner of the plugin description page, copy the site url to the pasteboard.
    2. From the Nsight main menu, do Help->Install New Software...
    3. Paste update site URL into "Work with" box, press enter
    4. Select plugin components to install
  • By installing the marketplace client:
    1. From Nsight EE main menu bar, Help->Install New Software...
    2. Use http://download.eclipse.org/releases/indigo/ as an update site URL
    3. Install "General Purpose Tools"/"Marketplace Client"

    You should be able to use marketplace client to install plugins from that point on.

Please note that some plugins may not support all Nsight EE-specific features. E.g. I installed a popular “Eclipse Color Theme” plugin and it is not able to setup colors for Nsight device code regions highlight. You would have to manually adjust those colors by going to Nsight preferences, C/C++ / Editor /Syntax Coloring

There is no such Nsight Preferences in Eclipse Nsight 5.5…

I am going crazy

I am on CentOS, but I see it under “Window” … “Preferences”.


NSight 6.5 based on Eclipse 3.8.1 (latest for Tegra K) can not work on Ubuntu 14.04 with “Eclipse color theme” plugin: when “theme” menu is clicked NSight crashes.

Any idea how to work with dark theme?

Change theme in Window -> Preferences -> General

I too had this problem. Seems it is caused by “Device Code Highlighting.” This can be turned off with Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> Editor -> Syntax Coloring -> Elements: Cuda C -> Device Code Highlighting.

Enabled: http://imgur.com/jh0KKvV
Disabled: http://imgur.com/DE34Fbb

I too had this problem, trying to find a theme to no avail. In the end I just used the “classic” theme and the text displayed well.