Nsight systems dark theme doesnt exist?

Im running 2020.4.1 Nsight systems as a stand alone program on ubuntu 20.04. There is no dark theme option to select under visual experience where according to the user manual it should be there.
Now im assuming this is a bug, is there a way to change the color theme in bash or by editing the program files?


I am facing the same issue, ubuntu20 and Nsight Systems 2020.4.2.18-f0b18f6. The Color Theme drop down menu shows Light as the only option. I would be great to have a response from NVIDIA if this is reproducible on their side, or if it is some configuration issue on our side.

I know that this is not a high priority issue, however it strongly affects usability. Since this topic did not get any official response, let me respectfully tag @Sanjiv.Satoor who responded to another UI topic earlier this month.