Input Filetype for Sample 03_video_cuda_enc?


I’m attempting to run sample 03 on my TX2, but I just get noise as my output. I assume I’m using the wrong input filetype (I downloaded some sample videos from the web to use as input). What is this application expecting as input? I couldn’t find any help in the documentation.


Please refer to document

Hi Apollys,
1.You can reference document of R28.3
Sample Application/03_video_cuda_enc
2.The commands list as below
$ cd HOME/tegra_multimedia_api/samples/02_video_dec_cuda/ ./video_dec_cuda …/…/data/Video/sample_outdoor_car_1080p_10fps.h264 H264 --disable-rendering
-o …/…/data/Video/sample_outdoor_car_1080p_10fps.yuv -f 2
But the yuv file has the black rectangle on the top left-hand corner.
3.Or you can use the gstreamer command to convert the h264 to yuv file, the pixel format is I420.
gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=“sample_outdoor_car_1080p_10fps.h264” ! queue ! h264parse ! omxh264dec ! videoconvert ! “video/x-raw, width={WIDTH},height={HEIGHT},format=(string)I420” ! filesink location=“sample_outdoor_car_1080p_10fps.yuv”

I execute the app, and get the test.h264.
But the video has noise, is it correct ?


Please share steps to reproduce it on r28.3/TX2.

Currently, my environment is r28.2.1/TX2, and will verify it with r28.3/TX2.

We have it fixed in r28.3. You can compare video_cuda_enc_main.cpp of r28.2.1 and r28.3.

Hi DaneLLL,
Thanks, it is correct in r28.3.