Install CUDA for NVS 510

Hello everybody!
I would like to install CUDA for work in Davinci Resolve 17.
I followed the instruction very carefully but I was not able to make it work.
I installed latest driver from this website: NVIDIA 12.07.2021
I reinstall my Windows 10 x64, I tried to use Network CUDA toolkit and Full Installer but in any case I can not build Samples_vs2019 because Microsoft VS return a lot of errors C1083 “there is no such file”

What should I do? I did a lot of research in google but it seems no-one got the same problem. Maybe I am dummy and just did not something very simple.

Cuda Toolkit is not required in order to use Resolve 17, However the bigger problem is that unfortunately your NVS510 is too old to be able to be used.

If you go here, you can see that it requires a card which supports a minimum of Cuda 11:

Your card has a Compute Capability of 3.0 and Cuda 10.2 was the last version to support that. Cuda 11 requires a card of Capability 3.5 or greater.

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Thank you for such a smart answer. However due to mining I can not afford to buy a new card. Is there any way to use Cuda 10.2?

No, it would require Resolve to be compiled with Cuda 10.2. One possibility would be to go back through the Release Notes for previous versions of Resolve, to find the last one that did support it.

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I did a little downgrade to the Davinci 16.2.8 and could switch it to CUDA.
Looks like a pure magic.
You are genius, man! thanks a bunch!!!