Install jetpack on ssd with jetson nano

hey guys,
i am using cuda module with a 16g emmc
after the system and some software such as ros, i only got no more than 5 GB freespace on emmc. it is not enough for the cuda, cudnn, tensorrt.
now i need to run a detection algorithm with tensorrt, and i got a 100GB ssd, how could i manage to it?
i have already check jetpack installation instruction, and got a list of what a jetpack needs to install, about143 items and up to 9GB storage needed.
while i have already tried to copy cuda installation files( i have a development version) onto ssd, make soft link to the /usr/lib and others, but this doesn’t work.

any ideas?

Please refer to this page:

hi, i dont’t want to boot from the external device, i just wanna install jetpack on the ssd, and btw, i have tried to boot from ssd, but something went wrong. for some reasons(safe, stability), i am looking for how to install pkgs on ssd


“Installing jetapck on sdd” is already a behavior to boot from ssd.

what if just install cuda, cudnn, tensorrt on ssd?

  1. You need to manually find out the debian package and pick it up to your device. Sdkmanager does not provide such function.
  2. You may need to try some tricks like chroot to your ssd and run apt tool there.

There are more resources for (2) on some external ubuntu website.

i’ll try it soon, thanks