Install JetPack sdk with CUDA 10.2 on Jetson Orin Nano 8GB

I am facing an issue where I require CUDA 10.2 for my projects. I’ve attempted to flash my Jetson Orin Nano using the SDK manager, however, I can’t seem to find a version of JetPack that includes CUDA 10.2. How could I possibly resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

There are GPU driver dependencies in low layer, thus you can’t roll back to use the CUDA10.2.
May I know why CUDA 10.2 is required for your project?

I’m trying to use a third party library which supports CUDA 10.2 in it’s official documentation. So I guess there is no workaround here other than the third party library would support 11.4


Sorry, CUDA 10 is not available for Orin.
Please check with the library owner to see if they can support CUDA 11.


Dear nVidia,

Your documents says, it supports 10.2+

How can we use it?


The document link is 404 not found.
Could you check it again?



You can find it here:
Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer
“Jetson Orin Nano Series Module Data Sheet” version: 1.1, updated: 2023/05/08

Thank you!

p.s. Cuda 10.2+ compatibility is also stated for AGX Orin, Orin NX


It is also available here:

Jetson_Orin_Nano_Series_DS-11105-001_v1.1 (1).pdf (847.8 KB)


We don’t support CUDA 10 for Orin Nano.
Will check with the internal team to update the document.


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