Install Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server (Linux) at Jetson Nano Problem

Hi everyone:

I want to upload some data to Azure SQL server.
It need to use “Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server (Linux)”.
So i followed the teaching.
After Add Microsoft SQL Server Ubuntu repository, it cannot find the library (msodbcsql17 , mssql-tools)

But in Original Ubuntu 18.04, it is worked.
Please help me to fix the problem.

Note that those drivers are already compiled for a desktop PC architecture. You would need the arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a versions instead. Since it is unlikely those are available precompiled, then I would expect that you will need to get those in source code format and compile it yourself (I do not know if source code is available, nor where to find it if it is). Since the drivers are available for desktop PC, then there is a possibility source code is available somewhere.

Note that package repositories understand package and local system architecture. If you were to find a way to force the install of the incorrect architecture it still would not work, although you’d probably have a mess.

However, there seems to exist mysql connector[odbc] source code

maybe from mysql it can be somehow directed further to mssql

As of 09/21/2020 –
Is there any updates on Deploying msodbcsql17 & mssql-tools - on NVIDIA JETSON NANO Ubuntu 18.04 ??

I need to connect NANO to SQL database and so far failing to deploy msodbcsql17 & mssql-tools
Please help!

I have no idea if any of these will substitute or not, but you can see every package with “odbc” in its description via:
apt search odbc

…or with a pager:
apt search odbc | less

looky here ^^
SQL Server is not supported on ARM architecture. For installing the SQL database engine on ARM64, you need to use Azure SQL Database Edge. Azure SQL Database Edge is currently in Public Preview and is supported on ARM64 devices. You will need to sign up for the public preview using the Contact Form located at the bottom of the Azure SQL Database Edge homepage.

However, Microsoft is known for being non-open source & commercial;
Thus the solution tends to charge per device as seems from the definition
The good news is that it might be covered by Azure credits probably

Folks seem using docker SQL Edge container
on aarch64[arm]
ref: SQL server for ARM architecture · Issue #14254 · MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs · GitHub
ref: Deploy Azure SQL Edge with Docker - Azure SQL Edge | Microsoft Docs

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