Install sdkmanager

I have some problems with SDKManager installation. I try to unpack and run the sdkmanager_1.8.0-10363_amd64.deb. I input ‘sudo dkpg -i sdkmanager_1.8.0-10363_amd64.deb’ and everything goes fine. But it has some problems when opening sdkmanager. Here are the errors.
$ sdkmanager
ta@ta-virtual-machine:~$ [37031:0725/] The display compositor is frequently crashing. Goodbye.

VMs are typically a problem and not officially supported. The recommended system is an actual Ubuntu 18.04 install (or Ubuntu 20.04 if using the preview release, but that does not support Nano). Some people do make a VM work, but typically it requires some expertise in USB setup. In this particular case I don’t know what the issue is, although it is probably a GPU pass-through issue similar to USB pass-through. Another user would have to be able to recognize this or its fix, but adding dual boot with Ubuntu 18.04 would be the recommended fix (just make sure you have enough disk space).

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