Install /usr directory to attached nvme drive

I have a 500gb nvme drive attached to jetson nano that I would like to hold my /usr directory. Is there a way to do this using or otherwise?

What is your current setup? Do you boot the rootfs from nvme drive?

No, use the emmc for rootfs. Is there a way to install the rootfs on the nvme?

You can refer to this and replace the sdxx device to your nvme disk.

The document you linked seems to suggest a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. How to setup the nvme drive with the rootfs before the nano is flashed?

Are you aware of a way to flash a blank nvme, that is attached to the target device, using the script or otherwise?

I will make a suggestion. If you flash normally, then “~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack...version.../Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” will be fully populated (the flash itself adds some boot content). You could then use rsync or other methods to copy the “rootfs/” to the nvme partition (you’d need to make sure you preserve numeric IDs). About the only thing which would need edit is the “rootfs/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”, which would the rootfs setting to point at the correct UUID.

It might also need a change to the initrd, don’t know.

Then, if you’ve flashed a second time, the pointer in the boot software should start with the external partition (assuming boot software has the ability to read that partition during boot…not all device types can be read by boot software).

if the concern is just to have /usr folder at nvme
it can be done with putting corresponding instruction into the /etc/fstab file for permanent use
or it could be mounted manually with mount command for one time use

On the other hand, as it has been pointed out the entire OS could be moved to nvme for fastest boot.
I hope nvidia within time will incorporate the option to boot directly from nvme/ flash nvme directly with
as for now we have to use the proposed by Jim solution

See also (!) How to Boot from NVMe SSD?

There are some considerable caveats with rootfs to NVME!