installation problem in NVS 315

Hi Community,

I recently bought a new desktop with Nvidia NVS 315 installed, and planned to run some simple Cuda
code on it. Below is the procedure I did in order to run Cuda code. (command is included inside the quotation marks)

I typed “sudo apt-get install nvidia-cuda-toolkit”, therefore “nvcc --version” outputs the version of nvcc is 5.5. My OS version is Ubuntu 14.04. I also typed “nvidia-smi” to output the driver version, which is 331.113.

testing cuda code: 1) simple vector addition. C[i] = A[i] + B[i]; A and B are vectors with value of 1. It seems the GPU doesn’t do the computation because C[i] is 0.
2) program. It outputs endless Cuda devices up to 30,000, and I CTRL + C to kill the
output, and the Major revision number is 1191520582. Obviously, it indicates CUDA is not installed properly.

I installed NVCC toolkit, and driver seems also in use. Why I still not be able to run cuda code?

Any input is welcome. Thank you.

Follow the directions in the getting started guide for linux:

Thank you for your reply.

I finally installed CUDA on my desktop successfully.

Initially, I chose runfile installation, somehow my kernel configuration files got corrupted.
I spent a long time to fix it but didn’t work, so I backup all my files and reinstalled Ubuntu.

For the second time, I chose package manager installation. It is quite simple.

Plus, the guide also recommends to use the distribution-specific packages, where possible.