Installing 2 Nvidia K20 and 1 GeForce Gtx590 in the same PC with windows

Hi everyone,
I’ve spent all the day trying to setup and install on my PC based on a Asus P9X79 DELUXE motherboard (that I was using with no problems with 2 gtx 590) 2 new Nvidia K20. I’m using Windows 7 64 bits.
My idea was to use one gtx590 for graphic purposes and then the 2 K20 for CUDA codes. I didn’t manage to make the configuration work, because of Driver problems.
It seems that when I install the K20C drivers the 590 driver are overwrite and the system doesn’t work.

I’ve also tried to remove the gtx590 and put another old card I had (geforce 8400) but the same problems happens. If I remove the 8400 driver and use a Standard VGA driver, then the PC is able to find the 2 K20C’s but if I try to run one of the CUDA samples or my actual compiled cuda codes, it crashes.

Has anyone actually done this successfully or has anyone failed (and why)?

Do the K20 cards have different drivers on windows? I have linux with the same motherboardm, but 2 x660 ti and one Titan and I installed the driver once. Do you have enough power pumping in the cards?

Do this… install the Windows driver for the GTX 590 as a clean install. Then install the driver for the K20’s without doing a clean install. You should then (hopefully) see the three cards detected under the NVIDIA control panel. Make sure that the cards don’t have an exclamation symbol (or not detected correctly) when you look in Windows’ Device Manager. Basically you end up installing 2 different driver versions, but in the end the newer version should take over and provide support for the 3 cards.

I’ve tried to clean install a Tesla driver after initially having a working system and it ends up removing the support for the consumer card on multiple occasions, thus the requirement of not doing a ‘clean install’ when you install the Tesla driver after installing the consumer version.

As pasoleatis posted, the cards should have adequate power… I want to say at least 350-450 W minimum (something like 850-900 W max) for the video card’s power draw alone.