Installing caffe on jetson xavier NX

I am using Jetson Xavier NX board having jetpack version 4.5.1-b17

I have installed caffe using sudo apt install caffe-cpu command and when i run which command it shows me /usr/bin/caffe as installation directory.

I am trying to run mnist data set using caffe and I have downloaded its master folder. When I try to run these commands i am getting error.


Creating lmdb… ./ 17: ./ build/examples/mnist/convert_mnist_data.bin: not found

I have read some forums and they say that first set cafferoot directory but i am not sure which is the root directory in my case. I am having some trouble is setting root directory if I am to work with the mnist dataset.

Any guide line on how I can correct this issue ?

Hi @arsalanmajid116,

This topic sounds like it should be placed into the Jetson Xavier NX forum. I will move it over for you.

Tom K


It’s more recommended to compile the Caffe frameworks from the source.
Below is a tutorial from the community for your reference:


I noticed that jet pack 4.6 has support for open CV 4.1.1 but read some where that caffe do not have support for opencv 4.x.x version yet. Should I revert back to some older Cv version 3.x.x or something ?

Hi, I wanted to know if the caffe for jetsontx2 be installed on jetson nx? Does it work