Installing dlprof from whl on AGX Orin fails


I’m attempting to install dlprof from wheel, according to the manual:

$ pip install nvidia-pyindex
$ pip install nvidia-dlprof

I get the following error message:

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement nvidia-nsys-cli>=2021.3.2.12 (from nvidia-dlprof) (from versions: 0.0.1.dev4, 0.0.1.dev5, 2020.3.2.6)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for nvidia-nsys-cli>=2021.3.2.12 (from nvidia-dlprof)

Can dlprof be installed on the Orin platform from whl?


The tool is for the dGPU platform users.
It doesn’t support Jetson, which is iGPU system.


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