Installing gstreamer for use from c++

Hi, I been stuck with this issue for a while and it would be great if someone can help m with it.

So i installed gstreamer 0.10 from the instructions in the driver documentation. Then I read in a forum that I am supposed to install the dev libs. So I did that and it dint work. Turnouts I am supposed to include the path to the libraries in my makelists file. But that it didn’t work. I added the path by adding this line to my makelists file


and it didn’t work.

I get this error

fatal error: gst.h: No such file or directory
 #include <gst.h>

Typically you shouldn’t use the full paths of the libraries but use pkg-config to get them.

I’m not very familiar with cmake, but maybe this discussion helps you onwards:

If you are starting a new project now, I recommend that you use GStreamer 1.0 instead of the 0.10. Same build rules apply to it as well, but it’s much newer API and thus more future proof.