Developing Gstreamer with Nsight


as it is obvious from the title, im trying to build Gstreamer samples using Nsight Eclipse, my gst sources have been built manually on TX1 and i could assure sources are working (by making a simple gst .C code on target)
the problem is that i cant do this using Nsight, so when im trying to build my code, wether in cross compile or sync mode, making project faces some problem like: “fatal error: gst/gst.h: No such file or directory”

Can anyone help on this?

by the way im using JetPack3.1 on my TX1, gstreamer sources are V1.8 and VMware ubuntu 16.4 as Host

thank you

The error stats that the include file is missing. Please try adding the include path(-I) to gst directory. You can do it from project properties page.

Hi Kjalaludeen;

Thanks for the reply, I think its not the problem, i did like what you said before but other unresolved dependencies shows up

did you tried to do this yourself?? actualy my point is to debug gstreamer libs while developing application on tx1.

Also having issues cross compiling gstreamer for nano target using an x86 host. Header files ok and building in Nsight using gstreamer 1.0 “Includes” == success. Link error only, where and what are the lib files for aarch64 to put into “Libraries” and “Library Paths”? Cheers.