Installing Jetpack 6 on SD card for first time Jetson Orin Nano

I am trying to boot the Jetson orin nano for the first time.
I have done the flashing with Balena Etcher. However, I see this paragraph in the documentation.

If using JetPack 6.x SD Card image for the first time, you will need to update the QSPI bootloaders by installing JetPack 6 on your SD Card using SDK Manager,

I don’t understand how to flash the SD card using the SDK Manager.
My question is the following:

  1. Do I have to connect the jetson orin nano to the computer? If so, at what point do I tell it to do it to the SD card?
  2. If I don’t have to connect the Orin nano, how do I tell it to flash the SD card?

Best regards and thank you very much

Flashing QSPI is not flashing the SD card. QSPI is part of the module itself. This contains the equivalent of BIOS software, along with boot content. There is a major release difference between what is required by a JetPack 5 (which is L4T R35.x) SD card versus a JetPack 6 SD card. When you upgrade to JetPack 6 (which is L4T R36.x) then you must flash the QSPI of the module (the SD card itself is a separate topic).

The Jetson is connected to the host PC via the correct USB cable, and placed in recovery mode (there are a couple of pins you short either during power up or during power reset; there is no need to hold those pins for any length of time). The recovery mode Jetson is a custom USB device, and the flash software is basically a driver for that custom USB device. After flash completes the Jetson would self-reboot. You can just use your pre-canned JetPack 6 SD card if you wish.

Documentation is specific to the L4T release. Check the latest L4T R36.x here:

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