JetPack 6.0 Developer Kit install without a Linux computer?

I bought the Jetson Orin Nano Developer kit at GTC24. I am trying to install JetPack 6.0 to a MicroSD card. I downloaded Apparently, I need to use sdkmanager to “update the QSPI bootloaders”. But sdkmanager is a linux program. Is there a way to install JetPack 6.0 on the Orin Nano with a windows computer?

Can I run sdkmanager on the Orin Nano board, after installing Jetpack 6.0, then use sdkmanager to update the QSPI bootloaders?



You need a Linux PC.

You would be wise to use an Ubuntu 20.04 PC. This works with two releases of JetPack. Ubuntu 22.04 only works on the most recent release, but that’s ok if you intend to use that release.

I am still confused. I need an Ubuntu 20.04 PC to modify the image file (update QSPI bootloaders) then write that file to a MicroSD card, which I plug into the orin nano. Why isn’t the image file with updated bootloaders available for download?

I assume you are saying the I could use the Orin Nano board, to update the QSPI bootloaders, but it would only work with the current release that I installed.

The versions of Jetson which have eMMC are entirely flashed with JetPack/SDK Manager (which is a front end to the actual flash software, the “driver package”; it is really the driver package which flashes). The versions which boot to SD card due to not having eMMC (the Orin Nano dev kit qualifies as this type) put the boot content in the QSPI memory, and the QSPI must be flashed once with JetPack/SDKM.

The content which is flashed into QSPI is equivalent to a BIOS plus boot chain. This content is compatible with everything in a given major release. So if you have L4T R35.x (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”), then any SD card for R35.x will work after just the one flash of the QSPI. However, if you were to then migrate to L4T R36.x, you would need to flash the QSPI once again. Once in R36.x you would normally not need to flash QSPI to go to a newer SD card release of R36.x.

I will emphasize though that R36.x is a developer preview, and there are times when you might need to flash the QSPI again for a newer R36.x release (but this would be for bug fixes and not due to major release change).

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