Installing Jetpack 6.0 on New Orin Nano with SD Card Image Method

I recently purchased a new Jetson Orin Nano dev kit from, and I am ready to install Jetpack 6.0 via the “SD Card Image Method” from my Windows 10. When I click to download the image from SD-Card-Image, there is nothing to download. It only displays a message about “… if using JetPack 6.x SD Card image for the first time, you will need to update the QSPI bootloaders by installing JetPack 6 on your SD Card using SDK Manager, which will update the QSPI bootloaders as well”. I do not own a separate x86 ubuntu PC. I only have a Win 10 PC. Will a complete working image soon be available?

If you only have Windows PC, there are two methods to use SDK Manager.
One, use supplied docker image. see Docker Images — sdk-manager 2.0.0 documentation (
Two, use WSL and install SDK manager. see Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) — sdk-manager 2.0.0 documentation (

However, I have tried these methods to install 5.1.2 in nvme ssd. Both failed. Good luck for you.

Whether you have the SD card image or not, you will always need an Ubuntu PC to update the QSPI memory on the module, so the bootloader is compatible with JetPack 6, which is not possible with a Windows PC.

I think the SD card image will be available once JetPack 6 is officially released; it’s only Developer Preview now.


For flashing with WSL, please try this:

We are evaluating whether it should be added to the document.
You need to re-build the kernel with a customized kernel config for WSL to work.

Rebuilding the Win10 WSL with a customized kernel seems fraught with pitfalls. If JetPack 6.0 is released as a Developer Preview, it must exist on an SD card at NVIDIA. Why not make the image available, with the DP disclaimer to cover yourselves. Or make it available in a manner convenient for you and I. My free time is very limited. I’d rather focus my time coding AI solutions and building robots with my new Orin Nano, and providing you feedback as issues arise. Am I better off running the previous JetPack release (5.12 was it?)?

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We just have not released it.
Building the kernel is nothing dangerous, and there have been users saying it works.
If you don’t want or don’t have time to do it, the just stay at 5.1.2.

I could not agree more - I’ve spent the last two days trying to be a linux system admin and could not get this to work - I don’t have a ubuntu machine except for in WSL - it’s the weekend, so I WANT MY MIXED DRINKS AND A MICRO SD IMAGE FOR MY JETSON ORIN NANO!!!

Can I use my new Orin Nano with Jetpack 5.1.2 to serve as an Ubuntu linux machine to host SDK Manager and create a JetPack 6 image?

I just successfully flashed the Orin Nano with Jetpack 6.0 - but I had to do it from a Ubuntu 20.04 machine, as my Ubuntu 22.04 gave me repeated flashing errors. Don’t know if that’s a hardware or a Ubuntu 22.04 problem, though (the board was currectly identified, and the flashing process started, but could not be successfully finished)

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FWIW I successfully flashed the Orin Nano using SDK Manager on Ubuntu 22.04 (xubuntu minimal to be exact). The flash did appear to hang at 98-99%, but it eventually succeeded. Took much longer than just flashing an SD image on Windows, but I figured the SDK Manager was just a slower mechanism.

I do agree that not publishing the SD image has cost me at least a day’s worth of time installing SDK Manager and learning random things like jumpering a header pin to force recovery mode. Maybe those things are good to know anyhow but they are surely off-putting for anyone wanting to “preview” the OS and provide feedback to NVIDIA.

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Still a bit confused. I see Jetpack 6.0 DP is available for install with the SD Card Image Method, which works for me because I have a Win 10 PC. I do not have an Ubuntu machine. I’m confused because the SD Card Image Method button says “… you will need to update the QSPI bootloaders…” It’s astounding that the new bootloaders are not included in the new Image. Then what’s the point of making the Image available if the SDK Manager is still required? What is the cleanest process for making an SD Card for my new Orin Nano if I only have a Win 10 PC? I want to stay away from WSL because it’s configured for other purposed.

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I have now installed Ubuntu 22.04 on my Windows 10 PC with WSL2 (version Has anyone successfully installed SDK manager 2.0.0 in this environment, and also successfully flashed a new Orin Nano with Jetpack 6.0 DP?

Or am I better off running Jetpack 5.1.2 on my new Orin Nano, then install SDK 2.0.0 to make the transition to 6.0 DP and update the bootloader?

Did you ever get this working?

Currently, running into issues using a Oracle Box to run a VM of Ubuntu 22.04.

Debating if I should also just use Jetpack 5.1.2…

Yes, got it working without the need for a separate linux machine, without a partition on my Windows PC, without the SDK Manager.

I did it with my Windows 10 PC, with WSL2 activated, with Ubuntu 22.04, using only the command line. No need to change the linux kernel. I was able to flash my new Orin Nano Dev Kit and run Jetpack 6.0 DP via the SD Card image. I have several 6.0 DP card images that I switch depending on the libraries and containers I want to run.

Full Summary Here.

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