Installing Linux Tegra kernel modules

I have successfully rebuilt the Linux kernel (kernel-5.10) for a Jetson AGX Xavier kit, by following the instructions here: Kernel Customization — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

I have been able to follow the instructions clearly up to point 6:

6. Replace Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/Image with a copy of this file:


//my problem starts here
Optionally, archive the installed kernel modules:

$ cd <modules_install_path>
$ tar --owner root --group root -cjf kernel_supplements.tbz2 lib/modules

You can use the installed modules to provide the contents of /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/ on the target system. Before you run, make a copy of this archive to replace the one at this location on the target device:


I have replaced the Image file with the newly built one, but I’m confused with the next instruction regarding the kernel modules. The guide says “optionally archive the installed kernel modules”. There is no reference to kernel modules prior to this point, so I’m not sure which installed kernel modules we are talking about here. I have the impression there is a missing step in the guide.

Regarding the<modules_install_path>, where exactly is this located?

I am cross-compiling on an ubuntu host system.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, you don’t need to follow this step if you do not re-build kernel modules as specified here.

Hello, thank for your replay. I think it’s clearer now.

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