Installing mlnx_ofed

i am pretty noob on this. In
it states under section “Installing MLNX_EN” that by default, it wil install supporting ethernet only.

  1. What are the steps to install with infiniband mode?
  2. If installed in ethernet mode, is it pure ethernet or is it IB over Ethernet?

Hello @g900nvda,

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The MLNX_OFED drivers are designed to work with all Mellanox network adapters, supporting both Ethernet and InfiniBand modes. On the other hand, if your adapter card operates exclusively in Ethernet mode and you don’t require all the additional libraries that support InfiniBand, you can opt for the MLNX_EN drivers.

MLNX_OFED drivers include MLNX_EN drivers supporting both InfiniBand and Ethernet network adapters, as well as includes the libraries and tools for networking and storage.

The link to download the MLNX_OFED drivers can be found here - Linux InfiniBand Drivers

Hope this answers your question.


NO, it did not answer my question at all, please do not WASTE my and your time if you do not read teh question and do not know the answer. If you look at my question ’ 1. What are the steps to install with infiniband mode?" you talked about something else, fuzzy stuff or as if i asked "whether mellanox supports or what mode it supports which I already know. I also did not ask about where to find the driver which I also know as well. I found myself about how to do that from mellanox isntruction and proceeded anyways which is use vma swich, you can add this to your knowledge.

Just download the installer from there as stated by @sribhargavid and install it via mlxofedinstall as described here.

The OFED installer contains everything you need whereas the MLNX_EN from my understanding is an only ethernet-based solution… the OFED based solution and CUDA compatible ToolKit provides the mst configuration utility to change the port mode if your card is based on VPI.