Installing PyTorch 2.x on Python 3.9 in Xavier

Python : Python3.9 (virtualenv)
JetPack : 5.1.2
CUDA : 11.8.89 (modified)
cuDNN : (modified, not show in stats)
TensorRT : ? (unknown why missing)
OpenCV : 4.5.2 (modified)

It seems that NVIDIA currently recommands installation methods that are compatible with Python 3.8 (cp38)

How can I install it to be compatible with Python 3.9? Should I use pip install?



Currently, we only have prebuilt for the default Python version.
For JetPack 5 which is Ubuntu20.04, it is Python 3.8.

Please build PyTorch from the source if other Python versions are required.
Below are the building instructions for your reference:

Build from Source


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