Installing remote access software on Jetson

I tired to install Zoom and Skype on Jetson but was not successful. Is there a way to setup a remote access to the Jetson?


What kind of remote access do you need? Something similar to teamviewer…??

Yes, I need such software

Yes, I need such software

Something that we can get the remote access. I tried to use the VNC but I was not successful. I can connect through SSH but the VNC didn’t work.


VNC requires X11 to provide a virtual/physical monitor in it.

Some thread for you.

I am confused. The thread does not help.
I am not even able to run the Desktop Sharing application to setup the VNC. This is the error I get:

Sorry Ubuntu 18.04 has experienced an internal error:

I did not understand what is X11.

X11 is a program for standardized access to video buffers and hardware. The hardware-accelerated driver for the GPU is a module which plugs into the X server (X protocol, version 11). X can either be connected to an actual monitor, or if you install a virtual X server, then X just connects to a buffer which fakes a monitor. Virtual display programs provide a way to copy and manipulate video buffers, but do not actually create the buffer. So VNC needs either an X server connected to a monitor, or an X server with a virtual substitute.

I think the question is whether the Jetson you are trying to run VNC to has an actual graphical session logged in. If not, then you need a virtual X server. If you do have a running session on the Jetson, then there is indeed debugging required of the VNC setup.

Hi Linuxdev,
Thanks for clarification and sorry for my ignorance.

Yes, my Jetson is connected to a monitor trough the HDMI port, which I guess means it has an actual graphical session logged in.

I am able to run the VNC on my Jetson with 3.2.1 JetPack by running the Desktop Sharing application and setup the VNC but I don’t know why I get the error when I try to run the Desktop Sharing application on Jetson with JetPack 4.2.


you may try using a default vino/vnc or implement something custom like x2go or approach something different including ssh -X etc.

I haven’t actually set up VNC on a TX2, so I don’t know what the configuration change would be.

Btw, having a remote desktop client like VNC will have different results versus X forwarding. VNC would be superior and leave GPU computing on the TX2. Remote forwarding through ssh forwards X events instead of the actual desktop and the PC would be doing all of the GPU work. There are other virtual desktop systems which might also work, but stay away from ssh X forwarding unless all you are doing is being an administrator or copying data (I am assuming you are running CUDA apps and want to see them on your PC). It’s far more convenient than ssh for simple stuff.

Some applications forward only keyboard and mouse, and it is a lot like extending your local desktop if the remote computer monitor is sitting next to the PC’s monitor (I used to use “x2x” like this, and I’m not sure but probably x2go does this as well). All of the processing is still done on the remote end and no forwarding occurs except for mouse and keyboard.

Someone who has installed a virtual desktop like VNC can probably help getting it working.

Thanks @Aundrey1984 who gave me more details on x2go. Looks like this is a true virtual desktop and does not merely forward X events. So any virtual desktop environment (including x2go) should be able to relay the video buffer across systems without any dependency on X event forwarding.

This means VNC and x2go would both depend on someone being logged in to a graphical environment on the Jetson (either a physical display or a virtual X server pretending to have a display).