Ssh into Jetson TX1

I am very new to ssh, from my understanding, you can control the Jetson’s command line via another computer, is there any way however to get access to the ubuntu graphical interface from the Jetson’s command line once you ssh? Also I want to ssh into the Jetson from a laptop thats connected via wifi, I see that you need and ethernet connection in order to ssh to the Jetson, Is their a way to do it wirelessly? Thanks.

If your laptop allows X11 forwarding (which means it probably also runs Linux) you can ssh in with an option to allow such forwarding…then the start of any GUI app on the Jetson will instead display on the host/laptop (requires the laptop to handle any graphical requirements, e.g., OpenGL).

One way to do this would be the “-Y” option:

ssh -Y ubuntu@wherever-the-jetson-is

Otherwise you’d need to install remote desktop software on both the Jetson and the host.

So just to get this straight, here are the steps in order to accomplish the task,

1.) Turn on Jetson TX1
2.) Go into the terminal of my laptop (MacBook Pro)
3.) Type in ssh -Y ubuntu@whereever-the-jetson-is (wherverever-the-jetson-is is the IP adresses I am assuming?)
4.) Then I will be able to command the Jetson from my laptop.

Unless the MacBook runs X11 (e.g., under Linux or some other *NIX) that won’t work. X servers are basically a protocol and events can get sent over a network to separate client and server…so both ends have to use the same protocol. X11 servers are how that is accomplished, “ssh -Y” just forwards the protocol. Is your Mac running Linux? If so, then yes, this would work.

If not, you’ll need a virtual desktop setup.

Yes I have a virtual machine running
How do I find out if the virtual machine can run X11

If your VM runs Linux in graphics mode then almost everything defaults to X11. Just try it and find out, e.g., use “ssh -Y” to log in, then run some graphical test program, e.g., “lowriter” (from Libre Office, package “libreoffice-writer”). A couple of other possibilities are for a command line to run in a graphical terminal: lxterm, uxterm, or xterm.

Here’s a catch…if graphical display libraries are required to run the app, then those libraries will need to be supplied by the VM host instead of the Jetson. You’re offloading graphical computing to the laptop, so graphical support library requirements also migrate. This implies things like OpenGL, OpenGLES, and CUDA. So if it runs directly on the Jetson, but suddenly complains a library is the wrong version or missing, it’s because that requirement now goes to the VM host. Remote desktop software does not have this issue, but it clones the whole desktop, not just one application.