beginner In TX1 - getting black screen on First Boot

I am beginner In TX1 H/w , So I Followed the book had given in Box to BootStart.

below are my steps which I followed

  1. First Connected HDMI cable (I have Dell Monitor and DVI to HDMI connector Img )
  1. then Connected HDMI Cable to TX1
  2. Attached Keyboard with USB Cable-A Female and Male Side Connected to TX1 Img
  3. Connect RJ45 LAN cable
  4. Connect Power cable and Power Up and press power button as mention in booklet

but nothing is showing up Only Black Screen Img

I tried to login via SSH but not port 22 is not connectable

can anyone suggest me how to overcome this situation


There is a possible issue where the system is running just fine, but video detection is is not working correctly with the monitor. If you watch the monitor very closely you may get a brief message from the monitor about scan rate being too fast or out of range.

Network will only work to the dotted decimal IP address until further setup is added. To know the IP address assigned, you must check your DHCP router, e.g., via logs on a web interface if it is a router appliance.

The Jetson ships with pure Ubuntu Linux, and has some ability to boot up and run in text mode without any other software. Within the install is a directory ("/home/ubuntu/NVIDIA-INSTALLER") with an executable file which (when run with sudo) completes full hardware acceleration and abilities for the Jetson (“”)…basically this installs all the goodies on a new Jetson and keeps the separately licensed files separate until you decide to use them. Running that installer most often solves the “scan rate too fast” issue if this is the issue.

So there are three ways to access the Jetson to complete that install…

First, use the network…as mentioned, you have to find the dotted-decimal IP address which your router assigns (you cannot use a named address, e.g., “tegra-ubuntu” for a machine name will not work…something of the form will work). ssh lets you run that installer (be sure to use “sudo” when running the installer).

Second, you can use serial console. This works even with most of the system missing, and if this doesn’t work, there would be a real issue (if you do any kind of development on a Jetson a serial console is highly recommended). Serial console is always logged in as user “ubuntu” (you can use sudo with this). See:

Third, flash the L4T operating system (Ubuntu becomes L4T with the nVidia-specific files mentioned previously and are installed as part of the flash image). The most recent release for a JTX1 is R23.2; if you use the JetPack bundle of software the JetPack 2.1 version has L4T R23.2, and may do some additional DHCP and ssh setup, or keep it simple and just use the driver package plus sample rootfs (your host must be Ubuntu 14.04 to use JetPack, but any x86_64 Linux host works for driver package+sample rootfs flash). See the download page:

Thanks, I really appreciate your Suggestions .
But Problem was with my monitor TX1 doesn’t work with DVI+HDMI connector I changed my monitor with HDMI monitor now it’s working correctly.