Jetson TX1 login problem

 I have a display which has only VGA and DVI port .So I bought a hdmi-dvi converter connected to boot TX1, but theres't nothing displayed. I decided to use ssh to connect to Tx1. I scanned the TX1,found the  TX1 ip address and build a ssh to TX1.But the respose is as following :
    Connecting to
    Connection established.
    To escape to local shell, press 'Ctrl+Alt+]'.

    Connection closed by foreign host
How to solve this problem?

Although that address is not a publicly routable address, I wonder if the other machines on that router are all “friendly”. Everything on that 10.x.x.x subnet would have access to your Jetson, and the ubuntu user name and password are standardized. If you do not completely control everything inside that network, then you probably got hacked (changing the password would be basic security if the Jetson ever touches any machine you don’t control).

You could use serial console to find out what is going on. See:

FYI, a DVI to HDMI adapter should probably work so long as EDID data gets through. Straight VGA would fail.

Hi linuxdev ,thanks for your response!

Is that mean my TX1 OS is doing fine from log file?
My host is Windows 7 PC and serial console software is pietty.

And now, my main problem is that I can’t see Ubuntu desktop on HDMI screen.
Should I flash the last version image?

The net is safe and I am sure no one hacked the TX1. The uart method will be the last choice
The ssh problem is that the login prompt don't appear. It's strange.
 @linuxdev  I have read Can I use the orginal com232 wire to connect to J21, instead of 'USB serial UART'?

The voltage level on the J21 pins are specifically for TTL. Standard RS232 levels quite likely will not work (or may even cause damage). Note that serial console has a very specific 3.3V level requirement, and that this is mandatory.

If login fails and you have no other access, then it seems likely you will need to flash. You could clone the root partition, and with loopback mount, explore files…but if you can’t solve the mystery with just looking at files, then this does you no good other than to save a copy of your current work. With no serial console access, no local console access, and no ethernet access, I’m afraid you’ll have to flash and hope for the best. Serial console gives you a last best option.

For people who cannot see local video, but in which serial console and/or ssh work, video can be addressed separately. A refused login is an entirely more difficult class of issues. Note that serial console has an automatic login for user ubuntu…having serial console makes you immune to login problems of user ubuntu (although it does not guarantee sudo works).