TX1 will not boot


TX1 will not boot.

The picture is not displayed on the HDMI output.

Is there a way to initialize or fix it?

It is quite common for a display to not work, yet the system has otherwise actually booted correctly. What is the exact cable type used for the monitor? If it has any kind of 15-pin D-Sub VGA adapter this will cut the wire which provides the ability to query what the monitor capabilities are. In other cases where the cable is correct there are issues with certain modes.

The best way to see what is going on is to use a serial console. See these URLs for info on serial consoles (this are always logged in and function even when much of the system is crashed and burning):

Often ssh still works as well. If you can see your router logs you will be able to see a DHCP request by the Jetson, along with whatever address was assigned. You should then be able to ssh in to account “ubuntu” (pass “ubuntu”).

Thank you linuxdev.

Thank you for your kind explanation.