Integrated GPU sharing Host Memory in TK1?

Can anybody explain what the Integrated GPU sharing Host Memory is? How can I use it ?

Many graphics cards have their own memory, being especially advantageous for an outside bus, e.g., PCIe video cards. However, this isn’t mandatory, graphics cards can be assigned memory from the same place as the CPU. This is how Jetsons are designed…no outside dedicated memory, it is just the same as what the CPU uses. More CPU use means less available for GPU…more GPU use means less available for CPU (you get 2GB, divided however you want). Because the Jetson GPUs are essentially directly wired to the memory controller this has some advantages in that access is not slowed by PCIe bus. Regardless of how the memory is provided, there isn’t anything you need to do to use host memory. There are different ways to assign or copy or move memory with different advantages and disadvantages, but that is a different topic.