Data transfer between CPU and GPU on Jetson TK1?

Hi all,

I am just curious what type of bus is used to transfer data between the CPU and GPU on the Jetson TK1? In the typical example of a CPU-GPU system, the CPU and GPUs share PCIe buses. I suspect that is not the case here since on the Jetson, the CPU and GPU are on the same chip.

Is the bus AXI?



Although Tegra does have PCIe, on Tegra SoC, PCIe does not interconnect the CPU and GPU (unlike discrete architectures). Instead they all share the same memory controller. Hence there is no need for transfer. Here is TK1 block diagram:


To use ZeroCopy on Tegra and avoid memory transfer between CPU/GPU, see

Thanks dusty_nv! That’ll give me something to think about.