Integrating logitech G29 Driving Force wheel with jetson nano

I have been trying to integrate logitech G29 Driving Force wheel with jetson nano but nano is unable to fetch the inputs from logitech g29 wheel

We don’t have experience about using the device. Is it connected to Jetson Nano through bluetooth or USB? Would like to get more information.

it is connected through usb @DaneLLL

I know nothing about this device, but if this works on a desktop PC, then basically it is just a matter of finding out what drivers are used, and then creating those drivers as modules to copy to the right location on the Jetson.

One way of getting a hint of drivers (without Internet research) is to monitor “dmesg --follow” on a host PC which this works on, and then see what new log lines appear as you plug in the USB.

any solution for recreating the drivers for jetson nano manually inorder to support logitech G29 Driving wheel

See this to find documentation for cross compile:

If that is insufficient, you can ask again, but that is the simplest method if you can cross compile. Do beware though that you do not need to flash again to get that content on your Jetson; the instructions just tell you have to put that into flash content so that a fresh flash contains those changes.

Before you start, on the Jetson, check what you see via “uname -r”. You’ll notice that NVIDIA has the suffix to that of “-tegra”. You need to make sure during your compile that this parameter sets that up to stay the same if you’re going to reuse the rest of your kernel and modules:

There are multiple ways of doing this, and some scripts will just export the environment variable like this before compile:
export LOCALVERSION="-tegra"

The module file gets copied to the Jetson in one of the subdirectories of this:
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/

If you need help finding the module from the compile just ask. Note where you find the module in the source after compile, or in the module output location if you use that command.

Just ask if you have more questions.

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