Jetson Nano Jetbot Jupyter Teleoperation Notebook - Unable to connect Logitech F710

While I successfully connected this F710 gamepad set to “X” mode to a Jetbot (SD flashed with full 64 GB image) with the Controller registered at /dev/input/js0 as indicated by running “jstest” and “jstest-gtk”, and

jetbot@jetbot:~$ ls -l /dev/input/js*
crw-rw-r–+ 1 root input 13, 0 Jul 9 20:05 /dev/input/js0

jetbot@jetbot:~ dmesg | grep Logitech [ 9.024635] usb 1-2.2: Manufacturer: Logitech [ 9.142803] usb 1-2.4: Product: Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 [ 9.142806] usb 1-2.4: Manufacturer: Logitech [ 9.145635] hid-generic 0003:046D:C22F.0004: hidraw0: USB HID v1.11 Device [Logitech Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2] on usb-70090000.xusb-2.4/input0 [ 9.147602] hid-generic 0003:046D:C22F.0005: hidraw1: USB HID v1.11 Device [Logitech Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2] on usb-70090000.xusb-2.4/input1 [ 9.976788] logitech-djreceiver 0003:046D:C52B.0003: hidraw2: USB HID v1.11 Device [Logitech USB Receiver] on usb-70090000.xusb-2.2/input2 [ 10.149106] input: Logitech K400 Plus as /devices/70090000.xusb/usb1/1-2/1-2.2/1-2.2:1.2/0003:046D:C52B.0003/0003:046D:404D.0006/input/input2 [ 10.195240] logitech-hidpp-device 0003:046D:404D.0006: input,hidraw3: USB HID v1.11 Keyboard [Logitech K400 Plus] on usb-70090000.xusb-2.2:1 [ 15.416493] usb 1-2.4: Manufacturer: Logitech [ 15.418012] input: Logitech Gamepad F710 as /devices/70090000.xusb/usb1/1-2/1-2.4/1-2.4:1.0/input/input3 jetbot@jetbot:~

Rebooted the Nano Jetson and the usual updates: sudo apt-get update, upgrade, list-upgrade, and "rsync jetbot/notebooks ~/Notebooks

However running the Teleoperation Notebook with index (1) or (0), no action.

I would appreciate any diagnostic steps.

My Diagnostic Actions
I confirmed that the Jetbot appears properly configured as the Basic_Motion Notebook works actuating the motors from a remotely connected Jupyter Notebook.

Here’s the Jupiter Teleoperation Notebook sequence from my Mac Safari Browser connected to the Nano Jetbot:

Create gamepad controller

The first thing we want to do is create an instance of the Controller widget, which we’ll use to drive our robot. The Controller widget takes a index parameter, which specifies the number of the controller. This is useful in case you have multiple controllers attached, or some gamepads appear as multiple controllers. To determine the index of the controller you’re using,


Press buttons on the gamepad you’re using
Remember the index of the gamepad that is responding to the button presses
Next, we’ll create and display our controller using that index.

import ipywidgets.widgets as widgets

controller = widgets.Controller(index=1) # replace with index of your controller


Connect gamepad and press any button.
Even if the index is correct, you may see the text Connect gamepad and press any button. That’s because the gamepad hasn’t registered with this notebook yet. Press a button and you should see the gamepad widget appear above.

*** Nothing happens here***

from jetbot import Robot
import traitlets

robot = Robot()

left_link = traitlets.dlink((controller.axes[1], ‘value’), (robot.left_motor, ‘value’), transform=lambda x: -x)
right_link = traitlets.dlink((controller.axes[3], ‘value’), (robot.right_motor, ‘value’), transform=lambda x: -x)

IndexError Traceback (most recent call last)
4 robot = Robot()
----> 6 left_link = traitlets.dlink((controller.axes[1], ‘value’), (robot.left_motor, ‘value’), transform=lambda x: -x)
7 right_link = traitlets.dlink((controller.axes[3], ‘value’), (robot.right_motor, ‘value’), transform=lambda x: -x)

IndexError: tuple index out of range
Awesome! Our robot should now respond to our gamepad controller movements. Now we want to view the live video feed from the camera!

The Notebook cells that follow show that the Camera image functions work correctly

Further, 1) running displays the F710 id name, proper button and joystick operation. The name is Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710(Standard GAMEPAD Vendor 046d Product c21f.
2) On the Nano desktop Chrome Browser: has an html Demo that correctly reads the gamepad and displays the Button and Joystick status:

Gamepad connected!
id: Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 (STANDARD GAMEPAD Vendor: o4gd Product c21f
Stick 1:0, -0.00000061…
Stick 2:0, -0.00000061…

Please refer to

Hi phreddog24,

The joystick is intended to be connected to the desktop machine which is remotely connected to the JetBot.

We’ve tested a desktop machine using Chrome / Window 10. Are you attempting to connect the Joystick to the JetBot directly?

This may work and I’m happy to help with this, but I haven’t personally tested it so I just want to clarify that this is your intention.


I believe i may have misunderstood the instructions and connected joystick usb dongle directly to the Nano. So I’ll try from the Mac Chrome browser. BTW I seem to must use the MAC Chrome browser to connect to Nano Notebook NOT Apple Safari. Thanks

Success with the Logitech F710 wireless gamepad usb dongle connected to a Ubuntu Laptop running a Chrome Browser by changing the Index # from the default 1 to 0. The PS3 with a Bluetooth connect to the Laptop was intermittent and the joystick mapping seemed wrong-so no go. The Camera display in the same Teleoperation Notebook works but was somewhat unresponsive-need to research. I should also mention this is a new L4T Ver 32.1 32GB flash in the current July/2019 Wiki.

In the above link its mentioned that enabling CONFIG_LOGITECH_FF would solve the problem.

Can you please provide the step to enable CONFIG_LOGITECH_F ?


Please check [Kernel Customization] in