Trying to login to Jupyter Notebooks ...

We have built the “SparkFun JetBot AI Kit Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano” and have booted the robot to the Ubuntu desktop. Trying to login to “jupyter notebook” we get a password field we cannot get past.

This is the preloaded distro, everything is working at this point, in the instructions:

Step 1 - Flash micro SD card
Download the JetCard SD card image jetcard_v0p0p0.img onto a Windows, Linux or Mac desktop machine
You can check it against this md5sum
Insert a 32GB+ SD card into the desktop machine
Using Etcher select jetcard_v0p0p0.img and flash it onto the SD card
Remove the SD card from the desktop machine
Please note, the password for the pre-built SD card is jetson

“jetson” doesn’t work!

We cannot enter Jupyter Notebooks!

Ford Davis

I have the same issue … somebody pls help!

ok, found the answer. Use google chrome and the password works … weird!

Cheers, Arno

We are in the Ubuntu distro screen, in chrome when we access the Juptyer notebooks and are prompted for the password.

It refuses us and says that “jetson” is not correct.

On a new downloaded distro (flash image) for the jetson (Not Jetson AI) and in Chrome it works perfectly.

Trying to download JetsonAI flash image, Mac or PC, the zip file is corrupted. Tried on Pc and on Mac, errors suggest corrupted file.

Thanks, but we ARE in Chrome and the password is refused

What I did as well before changing to Chrome was to download the image again and put this one on the SD card. I’ve used the image from here:

btw now the Safari browser works as well …

Good luck! Arno

Thank you Arno for your efforts … I am downloading the image zip and will see if it works.

The end result was that we were working from instructions (I and four other students) and the password in the documentation was that the password was “jetson.” As it was written, I assumed it was right … it turns out it was “jetbot” … not “jetson” … I’ll document this later, as we have to catch up with our research parter high schools and use the Jupyter Notebooks and their documentation.

Jupyter Notebooks are really useful if you get a chance to use them. They combine programming and written support and details on the same page and can repeatedly execute a command effortlessly with the documentation in normal appearance. Not as a “comment” within a program. Support files for the Jetbot are within JN.

Just learning, but this is great.

As usual, the solution is very simple.

Oddly enough, one of the sparkfun downloads will not download and unzip no matter what we do. The others have worked, but this one that we needed didn’t work on multiple computers and Mac and PC. Still wondering about it.

Thanks again!


Hi Ford!

Thanks for the update!

‘jetbot’ ?! This is crazy! I found a few password options on pages for some images but this one wasn’t mentioned at all … Good catch!

Yes, those Jupyter Notebooks are really nice. I plan to use them for my HEP analysis together with ROOT as well as visualizing sensor and training data e.g. of the jetson.

Have fun with your projects!

Cheers, Arno