Intel realsense SR300 delay

I have installed SR300 sdk on jetson AGX xavier and while using the camera to check the streams (without running any codes) the streams are like slow motion and have about 1 0r 2 seconds delay. when I run code on the realtime streams of camera, the delay gets worst, very slow. how can I fix it? since I want to use my code and camera for real time detection.

Please execute sudo nvpmodel -m 0 and sudo jetson_clocks and try again. It is max performance mode.

All modes are listed in

instead of this solution (max performance mode), is there any other way to fix that issue?

I checked your solution but there is not much difference! The improvement is not considerable. is there any other way or solution to this issue?
and how can I check/be sure that max performance mode is activated now and is working?

There is a discussion about D455:
Realsense D455 cannot get 90FPS video frames on the Xaiver AGX

Please take a look and see if you can apply it to SR300. The RealSenses requires additional drivers and some driver packages help improve performance.

I have actualy asked two question. what is the answer to my second question? how can I be sure that I have already activated max performance mode?

You can take a look at power modes:
and tegrastats Utility: