Jetson Xavier AGX glass to glass latency

Hi all,

did someone test the glass to glass latency on Jetson AGX Xavier with the OV5693 camera?


We attached the OV5693 camera to Jetson Xavier AGX.

Also we enabled the and run the camera with command: nvgstcapture-1.0

(Res 1280x720 , 120fps)

And we see the latency of 130ms.

How can we improve the latency?


hello Joko_,

could you please break-down the latency values, thanks
for example,
capture request–> sensor init–> frame processing–> send to user-space–> rendering to display.

Hi Jerry,

thank you for the fast replay.

Yes we can do this, but can you instruct us how can we do this on your platform?


Hi Joko,
Please try tegra_multimedia_api sample:

$ ~/tegra_multimedia_api/samples/09_camera_jpeg_capture -s --cap-time 60 --fps 60 --disable-jpg --sensor-mode 2 --pre-res 1280x720

Argus should bring better result than gstreamer command.

Hi DaneLL,

we tested with the command that you provided but the result is the same ~ 130ms, please see the attached picture.

Where is the problem, i think this should be less than 130ms.


sudo ./
cd tegra_multimedia_api/samples/09_camera_jpeg_capture/
./camera_jpeg_capture -s --cap-time 60 --fps 60  --disable-jpg --sensor-mode 2 --pre-res 1280x720


nvidia@jetson-0423318034115:~/tegra_multimedia_api/samples/09_camera_jpeg_capture$ ./camera_jpeg_capture -s --cap-time 60 --fps 60  --disable-jpg --sensor-mode 2 --pre-res 1280x720
[INFO] (NvEglRenderer.cpp:110) <renderer0> Setting Screen width 1280 height 720
OFParserGetVirtualDevice: NVIDIA Camera virtual enumerator not found in proc device-tree
---- imager: No override file found. ----
PRODUCER: Creating output stream
PRODUCER: Launching consumer thread
CONSUMER: Waiting until producer is connected...
PRODUCER: Available Sensor modes :
PRODUCER: [0] W=2592 H=1944
PRODUCER: [1] W=2592 H=1458
PRODUCER: [2] W=1280 H=720
PRODUCER: Starting repeat capture requests.
CONSUMER: Producer has connected; continuing.
----------- Element = renderer0 -----------
Total Profiling time = 59.8829
Average FPS = 59.9503
Total units processed = 3591
Num. of late units = 3543
PRODUCER: Done -- exiting.


Hi Joko,
We are seeing ~90ms with 09_camera_jpeg_capture on Xavier.

Can you try other TVs? TVs are with monitor delay as mentionad in below post: