Intel Wi-Fi 9560 Not Working on AGX


It was my first time using an ubuntu device without a built-in Wi-Fi so I am a little lost. I purchased an M.2 Wi-Fi card (®+Wireless-AC+9560&qid=1591303636&sr=8-1)

But after installation of the Wi-Fi card, there is still no wifi option in the networks. I checked the lib/framware/ and there is a driver for the card I installed. I also ran lspci and there is no Intel Wi-Fi card shown.

During my research, I found the official document only lists 8265NGW as the supported Wi-Fi card. Is it just because the card I used not compatible with AGX?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @archer.tavish.c

You may noticed the followed ‘attention’:

ATTENTION!! This module must be used with an Intel SoC which supports Connectivity Integration (CNVi).

On AGX we have M.2 Key E interface support which means most standard wifi compatible with this interface should be work but not all. Intel 8265NGW is prefered and recommend as we have test and verified on AGX.