Intel ax200 ngw support on AGX Xavier Developer Kit?

Inquiry about the availability of intel AX200.NGWG and intel AC9260 NGW products.
As far as I know, there is a kernel version for each Wi-Fi module, and the availability varies depending on the kernel version.
It would be nice if you can check the availability of nano and agx for each intel wifi module.


Our kernel version is k4.9. How about checking if Intel driver supports k4.9?

Intel ax200’s since kernel version is 5.1.

Ok then it means jetson cannot support it.

mean that under k4.9 support it?
Intel® Wireless-AC 9260 is k4.14+
is it support?

k4.14+ indicate you have to use kernel > 4.14.
Unfortunately, no support either.

9260 seems being discussed on forum before. Search 9260 as keywords may find other users experience.