Jetson Nano Dev Kit support for Intel AX211 wireless module

Hi there,
We currently use Jetson Nano Dev Kit in a product we develop.
Our current wireless module is Intel 8265NGW but it became obsolete.
We want to start using Intel AX211 instead. Is this module support with Jetson Nano Dev Kit (B01) and L4T?

We’ll appreciate your help with that.


I don’t have one of these adapters, but the information I found suggests the Ubuntu 18.04 kernel does not have this driver available, and you would have to backport the driver. Here’s a reference:

If you look on this URL for the AX211 it shows the kernel release when this existed to be 5.14:

Note that they provide firmware and this is needed in addition to the driver. If you were to backport the driver you’d need to also install that firmware (the firmware should “just work” if it has the right driver, but backporting a 5.x kernel driver to 4.x might be difficult).

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