Jetson Nano Dev Kit wireless module

We currently use Intel’s 8265NGW as our WiFi + BLE module for Jetson Nano Dev Kit (Xavier generation B01).
We understood that this module is obsolete and would like to find a new one which is recommended by NVidia like this was couple of years ago.
Can you please advice? Which other (non-obsolete) WiFi + BLE modules can be used with the Jetson Nano Dev Kit?
We want to use a module that is supported out-of-the-box with L4T and don’t want to handle backporting for the module drivers.

We’ll appreciate your support here.


We only provide Jetson Nano Supported Component List as reference, you may do the search in forum to what other developers used.

Thank you for your answer.
And about your recommendation - this is what I’m doing here, asking the forum after I haven’t found an answer.
Basically it’s more L4T support for drivers and NVidia manages this Linux distribution.
I was hoping that you manage the connectivity drivers as well, from the answer I understand that regarding the connectivity solutions, Jetson relays on the developers.


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